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Good morning ☀️Maurizio
Your website is an enjoyable visit. Reading your short & long stories (history), after having enjoyed the special sound of your music 🎼 🎶 last night, made the music heard even more special.

Thank you for inviting me to hear you sing and for allowing me for a few moments in time to sing with you. I really enjoyed the sound of your voice and the songs you sang. The whole evening was wonderful! What great friends you have ~ I had a lot of fun!

The story behind the music says a whole lot about you as a person. I am grateful to meet you. Thank you for your friendship.



Hi Rae!
I’m so glad that you came to see me play. 🙂
I really do love playing and singing! I’ve been fortunate to have the time to devote to it over the years and meet so many interesting people such as yourself. You have a beautiful voice and it’s easily seen that you love singing. I am indeed blessed and thankful for having such good friends. I know you have been through quite a bit these past years and I do hope that the new road you are on brings you inspiration, new friends and peace of mind.
Cheers Rae and hope to see you soon!


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