May 11, 2019

Time is Slippery Better Get To It!



It seems like my January 26th show at the Troy Arts Center was a few weeks ago, when in actuality it’s been almost 4 months. I’m not getting any younger and time is just going to keep on slipping by while I slide along. I hope that writing this will in some way make me more accountable for keeping my site up to date with new recordings and interesting shows. I’ve been working/refining my craft for many years now and I’m feeling the pull to start recording/cataloging my songs. As human-beings we all are searching for answers to give our lives some meaning. I wonder if the search is inside ourselves to find what we are good at, what we have of value to share with the community/world. So let’s see if I can stick to this plan and share what I’m good at 🙂



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