July 3, 2020

Helping Things Grow


These times where a world pandemic is keeping us indoors and at a distance; social divide is being furthered by strong beliefs and a push for social change. I’m all for seeing the good in things and evolving for the better as a race, but the media in this country is infantile and purposely fueling a heated divide.

We need to ask questions, be curious, examine the reasons for every side and come together even if we disagree. Emotion is surely an important ingredient in moving us further, but too much of anything is toxic. The media keeps stirring the pot – keeps misleading us and ultimately keeps us off balance.

So with that said; the TV is turned off and the garden is turned on 🙂

I hope that many of you are fighting the good fight to stay positive, to see the good in people and to get outside – breathe some fresh air, get your hands dirty, have a drink and smile back at the sun.

Here are some pics of my outdoor adventures via my yard. I’ve tried to unearth some of the possibilities that my mother so masterfully tended to when she was able to. Long live things that grow and may the cycle continue on and on until there is no more.




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