May 30, 2020

Live at Market Block Books (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Here they are! -FREE- & just for you. 🙂

I hope you enjoy listening to these 16 tracks, all recorded live from my February 2020 show at Market Block Books in Troy, New York.

For your convenience, I have provided a number of different download options (choose the one that’s best for you).

Stay healthy and stay inspired!



Download right from my good old website!

These downloads are directly from my website. The MP3 file option is lighter and will download in a few minutes. Click on the downloaded ZIP folder to extract the files – move extracted folder containing all the song files where-ever you like. The .WAV option could take up to 5 minutes but might be worth your wait for a somewhat better sound quality. Both file formats sound great! 🙂

If you prefer, you can also download via my Dropbox site, which is also perfectly safe and easy. *Please note: you don’t need Dropbox to download the files.

You can preview/play the songs below before starting the download.



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