January 24, 2019

Special January 26th Concert – Building Community through Ears, Eyes, Hearts and Stomachs


I’m looking forward to my concert this Saturday – January 26th at The Arts Center of the Capital Region. My goal is to bring people together in an intimate theater space where we can all connect in the stories of the songs I’ve written. It’s a way to build community through laughter, common-ground and a break from the grind. Stories are what carry and inform us from generation to generation and art/music serves as a worthy vehicle for those stories.

In this spirit, I will be performing a 50 minute opening set from 8-8:50 PM and then there will be an extended intermission for the audience to mingle/network -make new friends. There will be tasty food on-hand from DeFazio’s Pizzeria, Cookies, Veggies, Coffee, Juice and a cash bar for wine and beer. Food and soft drinks are included in the $20 ticket cost.

The stage center-piece will showcase local artist Becca Giel’s painting, ‘Torrential’ selling for $1,800. To see more of Becca Giel’s work online, – please follow/click this link. /

Here is Becca’s Artist Statement

My work is inspired by my study of psychology, spirituality, nature and biology, working parallel to my own internal studies. In this way each piece is a self-portrait and a thesis that describes a state of being, state of emotion or state of transcendence through the mediums of color and movement. They are the dialogue between instinct and free willed intention. They represent the indescribable experience of the human animal.

It is the language of discovery, sentience and soul. I am inspired by the work of Joan Micthell (artist), Francine Shapiro (Doctor of Psychology), and Anodea Judith ( Author and Therapist).

I truly hope that this concert satisfy’s everybody’s -ears, eyes, hearts, and stomachs 🙂
Maurizio Russomanno

*To purchase tickets and more details on this show – please follow/click this link.


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