May 27, 2016

Memorial Holiday | Remember & IMAGINE


I think life is all a song and dance. We try to find answers and end up going further down the rabbit hole. Suffering is everywhere. War is everywhere and yet people perform acts of kindness everyday. It’s a strange place we live in isn’t it? Our lives are all driven by contrast. There would be no love without hate and no day without night. No person can stay happy day in and day out as that experience would grow old. We need pain to grow, doldrums to see with sober clarity and loss to appreciate fulfillment.








Poppies are a symbol of remembrance for fallen and missing soldiers – Read the story

Life is unfair if we look at it through a lens of perfection. Death is the ultimate equalizer, the ultimate catalyst for how we derive meaning in our lives. I can’t imagine fighting in a war… my dad fought in World War II -he would be 97 years old today. War is a necessary evil. Differences will always exist as humans/life are not perfect. Cultures will always clash with a strong desire to carry on their beliefs. The desire to live is a strong one and yet so many soldiers/warriors since the beginning of man have given the prime of their lives to a higher cause, for preservation of a greater whole. War indeed shows the ugliness of life and peace shows what man/woman is capable of achieving when the goal is not just survival of a religion or a country but the survival of man and woman.

I tip my hat to those warriors that fought with pure intent and I also hope someday there will be peace. To me this is the ultimate paradox of being human. The acceptance of war and the striving for peace.

So what better song to share with you other than John Lennon’s IMAGINE? He basically states in a few verses/words  what I have written here in a much longer and less poetic fashion 🙂

Here is a live version of me playing IMAGINE a few years back at the Hilton Gardens in Troy, New York.

Free download here by clicking on this link-text and then right clicking ‘Save as…’ over the music player.

Hope you enjoy and have a safe – thoughtful Memorial Weekend.







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