Article by Joel Patterson of Mountaintop Studios
August 2015

Like a lot of performers (to the point where it is almost a cliche) Maurizio has two different, contrasting faces he shows to the world. Up close and personal, he’s soft-spoken, with a tangible aura of genuine, tender loving care… one of the most gentle and ridiculously kindhearted creatures around. But get him on a stage, and his inner madman comes out. Not exactly mad– just driven, forceful, and determined to leave nothing on the table by the time he’s done. There’s something of the shaman, the crazy-dancing-around-the-fire guy of ancient lore in his act, once he gets to the core of his performance– which would predictably be powerful, pulsing, rip-roaring original songs of his own, or else ingeniously re-imagined cover tunes. He plays the kind of percussive, plunging guitar rhythms that in their sparseness and simplicity create a whole musical world, it’s hypnotizing and irresistible– there’s as much energy and drama to the silences as to the notes blasting away, and I’ve seen him melt guitar picks in a frenzy of dizzy, frantic shredding. That’s once he gets to the middle of his set, though– usually initially the first song is more like a lullaby, because the guy who stepped up to the mic is friendly, almost meek, remember? He’s a prolific songwriter, mining a vein that mixes calypso cadences with rootsy, bluesy beats and the occasional sauntering, jazzy chord progression and as for subject matter delves into a space that explores the ultra-personal, inner emotional life everyone lives, but also revels in moments of shared exuberance and joyful celebration. Lots of mysteries to be pondered, dissected, and learned from. He doesn’t really veil what he’s talking about either– listen to the parade of songs he’s come up with over the years, and you’ve got his life story. In the end, though, it’s all about creating a good time, right here in this room, right now with so many smiling faces. In spite of and throughout all the anxieties, uncertainties, and stormy weather that come with being a guitar-player-singer-songwriter, his mission is clear: to dance right into that wonderland where music has the power to lift us right out of our seats. This is what gives meaning to our lives. At least a cool Saturday night meaning, anyway. Maurizio knows this, whatever goofy curveballs and devastating lightning strikes life throws at us, however burdensome it is to bring a full scale PA in from his car, set it up, manage the levels, all the while appearing eagerly unencumbered… the fact that we can all lose ourselves in song– that he can lose himself, and take us with him– this is the party we have been waiting for.

–Joel Patterson

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December 27th, 2013

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