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Sorry I couldn’t stay @ Pig Out on Saturday due to the heat. They really should’ve made a bigger bandshell like the old one they had. Not just for the performers, mind, but for the people enjoying the show, too!

If I’d known sooner than I did (4 days before the show) that you’d be playing, I’d have sent your sister an e-mail to see if she’d make the trip after battling a virus the last couple of weeks. That same ailment kept her from coming up to see Lowell vs. the Valleycats July 4 weekend. Ehhh, maybe when THS has Homecoming in the fall…….!

Ever consider asking Vito about playing @ Powers Park during the summer series there? Seems like they have some of the same artists playing every year, and could use a change for next year.

Holla back.


Hi Jacob, I thought I would reply again via my website so that people don’t think I’m ignoring you 🙂 Thank you again for coming out to see and hear me play – it really means a lot to me. I will be posting some video footage and pictures soon and look forward to sharing. Cheers! Maurizio


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